I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned over the years by giving talks and presentations.  I only commit to just a few major speaking engagements each year, so I can remain sane and at peace in my day- to-day family home life, which is my top priority! My yearly schedule gets packed fairly quickly so I like to book things far in advance. Review my talks below and contact me soon to schedule me for you next event.

Alone Time with God: Fostering Soul-Satisfying Spiritual Growth

Our lives are often so busy with activities we consider to be essential and necessary. But often, those very things crowd out what truly is most essential and necessary. We say we don’t have time, but prioritizing time with God will save us loads of time leading us to more effectiveness and rejuvenation as we approach life’s joys and challenges. Time alone with God is truly the core of what we need in order to rise above the chaos of life. In this talk, I outline strategies on how to prioritize time with God, avoid major pitfalls, and how to pray and study in a way that yields deep soul satisfaction.

Parenting Essentialism: Mastering the Core Principles in Parenting

Now more than ever, parents find themselves at a loss for how to joyfully raise their children. While there certainly is no lack of parenting advice, counsel, tips, and tricks out there, there are some fundamental truths that reoccur in most of the parenting literature. In this talk, you will leave with 10 core principles from research, personal experience, and Biblical wisdom that will bring joy back into your parenting journey.

Sexual Awareness and Your Child: How Parents can Appropriately Teach Sexuality to their Child

Our society is laden with both implicit and explicit sexual messages. These messages can often turn into values that our children internalize when exposed to them repeatedly. Whether we admit it or not, our children will face various ideas surrounding theses messages at some point in their lives. Whatever or whomever is first in teaching your child about sex, is most influential in shaping their sexual values.  But many times, parents wait too long or are clueless on what to share when the time comes to broach the subject. So, in this talk, I share fascinating research on the topic, and 5 practical takeaways on how to appropriately teach your child about sex where your parental values take precedence over unhealthy societal messages.  

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